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HiSpec offers a multi-purpose trailer that reduces labour and transport costs whilst offering a 40% payload increase over a traditional tipping trailer. This cost-effective offering pushes the product back towards the rear of the machines, compacting it at the same time. This dynamic process can see you unload in as little as 40 seconds and provides a much safer alternative to the traditional tipping trailer.

  • Transports silage, straw, woodchip, grain

  • Can Carry up to 40% more Dry Matter

  • Can unload in as little as 40 seconds

  • Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

  • Flexibility 

The ability to compact whilst moving is a key selling point and results in the ability to carry on average 40% more products, from silage to grain to wood chips. It is available in a demountable version which is interchangeable, transforming this already versatile machine into a sustainable, multi-functioning piece of equipment.

Currently in New Zealand there are two versions on offer 36m3 and 40m3

Hi Spec Kompactor
Hi Spec Kompactor
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