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Hi Spec Xcel 1250 Muck Spreader
HiSpec Xcel 1250

The HiSpec Xcel 1250 rear discharge spreader has built a solid reputation since its launch in 2004. Initially used on Irish and UK farms it has found new markets around the world, including New Zealand. The 3rd generation of the Xcel 1250, developed throughout 2016, features many tweaks and improvements based on our customer's feedback and experience.


The redesigned XCEL 1250 retains the patented and proven chain flail and spinning disc spreading system and has being refined to improve both the spread pattern and adjustability. The spreading system can handle a number of different materials including farmyard manure, chicken manure, compost and sludgecake. The chain flails allow a greater capability to handle foreign objects in the manure (stones, cement blocks etc.) than auger type machines. The XCEL gives a very even spread pattern in excess of 16 metres and 20 metres plus with some materials.

  • Built tough to withstand harsh NZ conditions

  • Ideal contractors machine

  • Handles all materials

HiSpec Side Spreaders  

Designed to handle a wide range of manure from solid to slurry, the HiSpec Side Spreader is one of the leading side spreaders on the market today. Once in operation the Side Spreader unloads fast and gives an even, consistent spread pattern across land. Hi Spec Side Spreaders are currently available in two models, sizes 800 and 1000.

  • Two pack, high quality paint finish ensures a machine that will last

Hi Spec Side Spreader
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